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Repairing Rodent Damage Properly

Something seems strange. Your car is running odd, or you blew a fuse, possibly your headlights don’t work. You pop the hood for a peek and first notice little droppings everywhere. Upon closer examination you see chewed up wires, hoses, and maybe even a nest. You have a rodent problem.

If it is a newer vehicle, your first thought will be to call the insurance company and file a claim. That may be a good option. Most insurance companies will pay to have the complete wiring harness replaced. There is always the concern of increased insurance rates if you file a claim. If your vehicle is older, you probably don’t carry the extra insurance for them to pay to have your vehicle fixed. What to do?

First don’t panic. Rodent damage is repairable. Even if you turned on a circuit that the little critter munched into, most times the fuses will protect the vehicle. Next, choose where to have the vehicle repaired. One of your best options is to call Verde Valley Auto Electric. Our mobile services will save you from the towing bill. If you ponder taking it to your local repair shop that does all your work, there are some very important questions to ask yourself before you allow them to start repairs.

  1. What method are they going to use to reconnect the wires?

    Wrong answers include butt connectors, scotch locks, twist and tape.

    None of these methods protect the wires from long term environmental effects that can cause poor conductivity in the wires causing costly repairs later.

    The correct answer is solder and shrink tubing.

    Properly soldered wires prevent oxidation of the wires. Oxidation causes poor conductivity and degradation of the copper.

    The use of shrink tubing provides a weather resistant cover over the wires. Shrink tubing will not peel off or fall off.

  2. What are they going to do to prevent this from occurring again?

    You will probably get responses including, “not much can be done”, “we can install a rodent repellant device” (such as flashing light, or a beeping noise or an ultra high frequency device), “use mothballs”, “put some poison under the hood” “leave your hood open at night”

    With every rodent repair we spray down your wires and hoses with our special, non-poisonous, rodent repellant. This treatment lasts 8-10 months. Where available, we will wash off the wires and hoses to remove the feces and urine which can attract another rodent.

These are the steps for a proper rodent repair.

Locate all areas of damage.

After removing the damaged wires, solder and shrink tube them.

Don’t forget to spray it down with our rat repellant!